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‘Blueonestaff’ is a licenced breeder for English Blue Staffys

Representing a strong line of healthy staffys for sale. None of our staffys are imbred using the same blood line and we pride ourselves on seeking the strongest DNA to produce our litters.

At Blueonestaff we work hard to present our clients with the healthiest most beautifully nurtured dogs to give them a head start on the right path with their new companion.

Our VET inseminates our bitch with the chosen stud, we take her home and keep her well maintained, walked, fed and happy throughout the 57-63 days before she is ready to drop her litter.
In a specifically allocated room in our home we have a fully dedicated whelping box where we spend hours in the day attending to our bitch and her pups. In the evenings we are on alert for the first 2 weeks and just like a newborn baby, we get NO SLEEP making sure the puppies are feeding well and aren’t getting into way of harm.
The puppies are weighed every day and kept from all hands except mine and my wife’s to insure they do not become exposed to any bacteria or illnesses that may jeopardise their health.

From 8 weeks on, our puppies are playing together and the bitch is happy to let someone else take over care for her litter.

They will receive their first vaccinations with our VET at this point and are ready to be sold.



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